I’m just a group of 100 trillion of tiny little imperfect cells, working in a perfect synchrony in an amazing biochemical miracle…the rest?
It’s only a passionate curious mind, an inert body and an entropic brain!

By now, I can proudly say, that I’m a wannabe scientist, a Bioinorganic chemist with a Biochemist soul. Just another ordinary girl, unstoppable dreamer, irreverent child, unapologetic fighter with a chaotic and alienated mind trying to change the world!
So…what do I have to add to the world wide web?
Nothing much.

I’m not a writer, I’m just curious. A hopeless romantic, with a dirty mind, high standards, a rational behavior  and a wanderlust soul, trying to figure things out. And the best way to figure things out is to write about them. I think.
Apparently, I have created this blog long, long ago, but I forgot about it. Now I’m just getting back on track in order to share with you things that bother me, things that I’m passionate and curious about.

My advice?
Sit comfortably, cause my journey was never easy. And this is a thing that will never change. Get ready for the roller coaster and enjoy your ride!


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