The romantic within me bows to the wonder within you

‘I wish I could be who you wanted’

What if I know I am exactly what you want?
What if I was afraid of it?
What if you’re afraid to accept that you’re exactly what I want?
What if we stop wondering about the ‘if only’ and started living?
Love, oh love…that magic feeling we all seek.
What is love?
For me?
For me, love is knowing you are the perfection enclosed in incredible tiny bits of perfect imperfections.
Is knowing you are the god embodied in the most perfect human form, a temporary piece of heaven, my forever moment inside our eye contacts. Knowing you’re the music inside my heart, the melody playing on repeat, the melancholy that hits me when you gaze away, the desire to jump even if you’re not there. Even if you’ll never be there.
What if we both feel what love is?
What if I confess I am not afraid of loosing myself anymore?
Let me be much more than what you ever wanted. Let me exceed myself, let me show you how real this lucid dream is. Let me show you that happiness exists and it can be contained in a millisecond that lasts forever. And forever is to stare into your soul, and fall for you every single time. Love is choosing to walk with you through the darkest places of your mind, look your fears in the eyes and tell them ‘I see you’. Is letting the troubled universe inside of me find peace in the universe inside of you.
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