Let go and connect

We have been so hyper-vigilant, so scared, so in ‘fight or flight’, overthinking mode that we often forget to be present, to connect and to feel.
We are so ‘busy’ inside our minds, we forget how valuable are those moments of eye contact, those moments when you allow someone to look deep into your soul. Those precious tiny milliseconds when the silence is the sound of happiness, when you allow yourself to let go and allow the synchronicity of life happen to you. No rushes. Just that moment that lasts a lifetime held a smile, a conversation, an eye contact.
Then reality strikes and we get on our control freak mode and we panic attack. Flight or fight, survival mode again. We have no idea how to let go, how to let the universe take control and let the magic unfold.
After attending this a life changing MindValley event, I became aware that this pandemic of the mind is as real as you and me. I am often sucked by my thoughts, by my self-criticism, those voices that say ‘you are not enough’, ‘don’t even bother to try, you cannot have this’, ‘not for you’ or even ‘out of your league’.
Today, I have fun watching this conversation unfold inside of me because I know we all do this self-criticism on a daily basis. We secretly punish ourselves with these lies. Lies that put ourselves in this constant anxiety mode, that drag us down and make our life quite miserable. What an amazing collection of bullshit we feed ourselves with!
We are amazing creatures. Why do we avoid the right questions?
Why don’t we ask ‘What am I really afraid of?’
Watch the conversation, smile, and figure out what you are really afraid of. As Lisa said, I’m not here to give you the easy answer. I am here to disrupt, to stir your soul. Ask me any question, as long as you are ready to handle the answer.
I get my answers along the way; it has been an incredible vulnerable ride, and I’m just getting started.
I can assure you my answers hurt; my fear paralyses, but I know I am working on a ‘super hero’, and ‘yes, you can have it all’ kind of answer. And every single day I get closer to it.
What about you, are you present?
Or are you stuck in the anxiety loop?
Come closer, I will hug you, disrupt you and prove to you that you are much better than what those voices are telling you. I’ll show you you’re the one in control. And love, do not even think about falling… Get ready to fly!

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