Raw, amazing people – From the keep your brain sharp series

Did you already listen to the recent podcast of Tim Ferriss, The Most Feared and Well-Liked Journalist in Silicon Valley – Kara Swisher?

Put your headphones on, sit back and listen to this really nice and/or enlightening [if you’re not there yet] podcast. It’s a great lesson on living and parenting done so delightfully right.

I really love being raw ’cause, honestly, I don’t have the time nor the patience to ‘act’ like you want or expect me to. Not saying there’s is wrong or right way to be. Just saying that acting and living to other people’s expectations is too time consuming and I’d rather be living accordingly to my own.

The best thing of living life like this is the ‘I really don’t give a Fu’ attitude that comes with it. I can assure you that, the moment you understand that you don’t need to please anyone, that you don’t need anyone’s acceptance, you don’t need their love nor the things that they have, you stop caring about what they think of you. And that single moment of realization is incredibly liberating. From that moment on, you become a totally different person.
I guess when you adopt this attitude you “leave behind” all the weight of those false pretenses and you have an amazing fresh start.
That doesn’t mean you don’t care. Quite the opposite. But you start valuing the stuff that matters the most. It’s a all new perspective. And that’s incredible!
At the end of the podcast they approach a topic that bugs me…a lot. I don’t quite get why people choose to be “ok happy”.
I know it’s in our nature to be social and to search for a partner in crime. The thing is, I want to get the right partner in crime. The man that makes a better woman, someone to share this path with. Not someone to walk near by. It’s totally different!
And I see so many of people around me that are “with” someone, just because. People that don’t talk about their significant others with that smile on their faces, or that blink on their eyes…sometimes they do not talk at all. I often ask myself if it is the “being alone” fear that terrifies them. Or if is the fact that they treat life as a to do list, like: partner . Love, well…I guess . Kids .  And then they don’t spend quality time with them, because all those cute checks will never fulfill them.
I really don’t get it…but maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe I’m just another hopeless romantic. Maybe I expect much more from me and from my life.



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