Making friends with my sweet, sweet demons!

I’m a curious mind and I always want to understand more. And lately there’s was lot I was not getting.
These universal loud talk going on inside my mind, the way I do things [or don’t], the reason why I’m resilient makes me analyze life, over and over again.
And this episode sums it up graciously.
Being friends with fear, ohhhhh boy, this is a good one!
I love a good writer and I die for a brilliant metaphor. And the ‘ridding with fear on the backseat of your car but never letting it make any of the decisions in your live’ is brilliant!
Of course, easiest said then done.
Imagine turning fear into a best friend, holding hands and turning that rush of hormones and signaling molecules work in your favor, turn what paralyzes you into a good thing!
You know that there’s nothing new here, great speakers and athletes do it. Why can’t I?
Well…I guess I need more practice
So, let’s get ever better: While ridding and holding hands with fear, allow yourself to have a hot, intense love affair with your passion. Love what you do so much that you really don’t mind to eat the shit sandwich that comes with. And isn’t this what’s life’s about?
The real deal is, ask yourself what’s your favorite shit sandwich flavor. Because, love, you’ll be eating them your all life, just make sure you choose wise and you make it worth. ‘Cause living your dream is nothing like a fairy tale.
It is jumping off a cliff without a safety net and with your gladiator clothes on. It is brutal, raw, scary. And is putting those fighting, jumping clothes on, every single morning. Sometimes you have no time to take them off. Sometimes you break all your bones, sometimes you don’t but you can be eaten alive afterwords, sometimes you manage to survive.
Is working your ass off every single day. Is making friends with your worst enemies and cherishing them, acknowledging every single one. Walking side by side with fear, loss, disappointment, shame, impostor syndrome and having fun. Overcoming the terrifying feeling they leave in your soul, but letting yourself be touched by them. Is turning every obstacle into a lesson, eating every single shit sandwich graciously and with a smile on your pretty bloody, bruised face; is make the most astonishing bow to life even if you have every single bone broken, because in the end of the day, it’ll be worth it.


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