Things that make my brain happy : The Legendary Neuroscientist in Impact theory

I was addicted to Inside Quest.
Then inside quest went on a incredible make over and became Impact Theory…ohhhh boy, love at first sight!
I devoured every new episode and I’m still digesting them…but I had to comment on this one!

Dr. Ramachandram was on the SHOW, The amazing RAMA-freaking-CHANDRAM!!!
I admire this amazing human being for longer than I can remember.
Long ago I’ve become in love with his research, part because I love the brain and…well, part because of his ability to tell his story and make you fall for ‘how the brain works’.
And you know I’m into accents. So, let’s get real, his accent 🙂 don’t even let me start with his accent!

Conclusion: I totally recommend all his ted talks and I will add his books on my to read list!
If you don’t know him, please, Google Ramachandran, dig into his research, and follow his advice unapologetically: study creativity, surround yourself with creative people, dig into poetry and get amazed by what it does to your brain!


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