It’s not ok

Yes. I’m a feminist.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a feminazi. You’re the one getting the concept wrong and full of annoyingly misleading stereotypes.
I’m always trying to raise awareness talking about these pretty interesting things with my fellow men friends and peers. Some of them already started to approach me asking things cause they have no idea of how is to be a woman in this world dominated by laws that privilege man over and over again. And we still are pretty sexist.
I ask myself why people have always something to say about a women’s life?
First things my older friends tell me when we meet is something like: ‘Oh, when will you get married?’, ‘Where is your boyfriend?’, ‘In Barcelona, alone? No Spanish guy, really?’, ‘You went alone? Without a man?’ or ‘Oh, you have to loose weigh.’.
I get you guys, you’re worried. But the reproach tone that comes with those comments?
That’s the thing that it’s not ok. And yes, I’m an “independent” awesome woman. So keep that reproaching tone for yourself. And avoid the sexist comments. You can make other, nicer ones. You have a brain, you can figure it out.

And why did I came out with this?
Well this thing called internet is an amazing tool to show everyone all the things that are not right with those comments I was talking about.
This “old” post shows exactly what I’m trying to say. I’ve watched the video and I had to share with you guys.

Watch and lean.


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