Challenge’s updates

Good night pretty people!


So, is not easy to decide who’s our first challenge nominee. I took my time. 

But in the end I took the obvious choice. Me, I would be kind to me in the first place and I would show my own appreciation to my awesome self. 

All started with that famous question ‘if you can’t love yourself in the first place how can you love others?’

I think I was, for way too long, my worst enemy. Sometimes I still am. I keep judging myself, I’m too damn hard on me. But I’ve been learning a lot with an amazing friend. She’s teaching me a lot about love and self-esteem. I’ve learned how to be [more] kind and less hard on me. It’s a long journey and it just started. It’s not an easy but is definitely worth it!

So, being a bit selfish I’ve decided to start from inside, being kind to me and say thank you. Thank me, for letting me be the one with the worst criticism, with the meanest word, without giving up and always trying to be better. Thank me, for never letting me down. Thank me, for having the strength to admit I am wrong and the kindness to say I’m sorry. Thank me, for never giving up on people. On things. Even with all the molecules of my body asking for it!

Thank you. Thank me. 

I’m the sum of all the things that happened to me and most of all I’m the consequence of every single one that passed through my life. Some stayed more, others less. I’m here because all of you had a impact in my life. And that’s why I started this challenge 🙂 so I was so happy to start with the why.

Second day, a hard and beautiful Monday. I just let go of the pressure and did not thought about who would be the one I would like to thank to. 

It’s [was] world poetry day!

I could have done something better, but I just realized it was world poetry day cause I saw a pretty nice post from the amazing Neil Gaiman, that touched me for so many reasons…but this is not the time to discuss them. 

Maybe a poem is a good idea for another day!

I just let the day unfold. I had a lot of work and I had planned a coffee with someone I care and love as a sister and i was looking forward to see her. I had so many things I wanted to discuss with her, too many things going on in my head and I desperately needed to have another friend’s opinion. And when I got back to the university, happier and with a less troubled mind, I understood to whom I had to say thank you (other then my friend, of course). It hit me the moment I walk in. The security guy!

I’ve spent too much time in the university and the securities already know me. This one is kind and nice, and every single time I’m in there for too long he comes to check if everything’s ok. I’m sure he thinks I’m insane, but that is never a problem, cause I actually am!

So, I just had to say thank you, and gave him a cake!

Some people make the difference in our days and most of the time they have no idea. Most of the time they go on unappreciated.

Now I’m home, smiling, sleepy, with my mind full of ideas and with a pretty complicated schedule for tomorrow…still no excuse is a good one to forget to be kind or to say thank you on a daily basis 🙂 

Small gestures can mean the most!

Just keep them flowing 🙂


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