Challenge[s] accepted!

Last week began with a challenge. A friend shared with us her story and she challenged us to walk for water!

I accepted immediately. Why?

Because I need to feel that I’m making the difference. I need to do something, cause ‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’ ~ Aesop 

So I started sharing the ‘idea’ with my friends and they hold on to it as me. We were willing to ‘hold hands’ and walk together for the cause!

Even being all around the world. Even overwhelmed by work we all emphatize with a cause.

We relied on each other. Like a family does. Some got sick, others were sleep deprived. But we walked together towards and objective. We decide we could do it and we did!

For me, the most important lesson of this story is that we behave as one. We behave as family. And if you are not familiar with me, this is one of the most important values for me and people get tired of hearing it!

I think the world needs to behave more as family. We are all family. But again, this is a story for another time!

Another lesson is: we don’t quite realize how lucky we are!

Let’s take me as example: I wake up every morning, this means I have a roof that shelters me, and blankets that heat my body. I have the privilege to open the sink and magic happens, clean water. And if I think it’s not that good, I can buy water to drink. I take my relaxing shower, with plenty of nice, hot water. For more time than is strictly necessary. While there’s people in this world dealing with real suffering, that have to walk miles and miles, every day to get access to clean water. Can you see my point?

So this week made me realize that we have to try harder, do more, be more conscious. To put ourselves more and more in the shoes of the ones that are not as privileged as we are. 

There’s a quote, from Maya Angelou, that is following me around since I’ve read it and it goes like ‘every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back…’. So yesterday while I was working my mind got lost on Facebook (it happens often) and I found an article that made think of another amazing post from Ted and both made me double challenge myself. Again!

I’ve watched Ted talks about it, there’s a bunch of them around (and I’ll share them with you on the way). So I thought, why not?!

What about 365 day of random acts of kindness and ‘thank you’s! 

So this was another thing that motivated me to pick up on the [not so] secret blog I long forgot about!

So yes, I’m [double] challenging myself and I want to bring you in this journey, with me. 

And of course, I’m challenging you too!

Let’s start with 365 days of random kindness and saying ‘thank you’ to someone we love the most, someone that makes our life a better place, someone that made our day brighter or simply a randomly someone that showed up on our life. 

Let’s break out from this comfort zone, let’s do something. Let’s do things just because. Let’s be kind. Be randomly better.

And what a better day to start: the international happiness’ day!

After all this small decisions, let me assure you that I’ll try to share with you my stories. I’ll try to update them because kindness generates kindness and, if I have their consent, it’s the way I’ll have to honor some of the ones that make my life better!

Let’s see if I can do it. Let’s see if you join me!


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